Fix this: windows 8, 8

This article presents some basic troubleshooting steps when encountering difficulties getting a USB device such as a hub, a thumb drive sầu, a printer, or a video clip camera khổng lồ be detected by your Windows 8 computer. A general symptom of this problem is that the USB device that you have sầu plugged in is not showing in Device Manager. If your Windows 8 computer is unable to lớn detect a USB device, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Unplug the USB device, then restart your computer.

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STEPhường. 2: Plug the USB device again, then wait for 5 seconds. If the USB device is still not recognized, proceed khổng lồ the next step.

STEP. 3: Unplug it again, then right-cliông xã on the lower-left hvà corner of the Start screen, and then select Device Manager from the quiông chồng launch thực đơn.


STEP.. 4: When the Device Manager window appears, double-click the Universal Serial Bus Controllers category to lớn show the menu of all USB controllers of your computer.

STEPhường 5: Double-cliông xã any USB Root Hub from the danh sách then go khổng lồ the Power tab.

NOTE: Devices that are currently attached khổng lồ that hub are shown including the amount of power that they require.

STEPhường 6: If the value shown under the nguồn Required section exceeds 500 mA, remove sầu that device & then use a powered hub instead.


STEP 7: Persize the two previous steps on each of the USB Root Hub listed in Device Manager. Take note that if the Power Required exceeds the Total power available for the hub, it is recommended khổng lồ remove sầu that particular USB device to lower down the value of the Power Required.

STEPhường 8: Try replugging the USB device you want khổng lồ be detected by your computer, then wait for another 5 seconds. If it is still not detected, proceed khổng lồ the next step.

STEPhường 9: Cheông xã if your computer is using any high-speed USB cables that are longer than 3 meters. If it does, replace them with shorter ones, preferably less than 3 meters long.

NOTE: Use only high-tốc độ USB cables shorter than 3 meters for high-speed devices such as scanners, cameras, & other multifunction devices.

STEPhường 10: If you are plugging the USB device into lớn a USB port on your keyboard, try plugging it directly inkhổng lồ the USB port of your computer or to a USB-powered hub.

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STEPhường 11: If the device is still not detected, try another USB port on your computer. You may also try plugging the USB device on a different computer to further isolate the issue (if possible).

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